Marketing Capability

Our Core expertise

We, at Shaheen Food Suppliers, are profoundly experienced and efficient to establish a brand in Bangladesh through the extraordinary marketing and sales capabilities of our marketing and sales team. We have established a good number of brands in Bangladesh.

Key role of Head of Business

Md. Kamrul Hassan, Head of Business and founder of Shaheen Food Suppliers, has shaped this experienced and efficient marketing and sales team by the utilization of his 30 years business experience, and visionary leadership capabilities. The management team comprising Managing Director, General Manager, and Deputy General Manager assist Head of business in planning, organizing, implementing, and controlling overall marketing and sales activities.

Sales and distribution capability

Our sales and distribution team are highly skilled, experienced, and efficient in the placement of products at outlets. They are highly disciplined and hard working.

At present, we serve 3 markets

  • Consumer market (Both conventional & modern trade)
  • Food service market
  • Industrial Ingredients market

Distribution network

We have strong and effective sales distribution network all over Bangladesh.

Consumer market

Distributor operation:

Total number of district in Bangladesh- 64

Distribution network available-60

Total number of distributors- 100

Direct operation:

  1. Conventional outlets: We serve 30 most important market /route in Dhaka city (capital of Bangladesh) directly through 6 sales representatives.
  1. Super Shop: There are 80 Super Shops in Dhaka city and we sell products to these super shops directly.

Food Service market

In Bangladesh, there is a significant number of fast food, bakery & pastry shop, hotel, and restaurant. We sell and distribute our products to these food service outlets directly through our own skilled sales force.

Industrial Ingredient market

We sell food ingredients directly to the food industry by our own sales force.

At present, we are marketing following food ingredients:

  1. i) Rasaku desiccated & Cream Coconut Powder ii) Milk Fat, Gum Base iii) Liquid Glucose

Sales Force Network

Consumer market

  1. Deputy/Area sales Manager & sales supervisor: 10
  2. Sales Representative: 100
  3. Total number of sales force: 110
 Food Service

Sales Manager: 01

Total number of sales force: 20 (In Dhaka City)

Other parts of Bangladesh is covered by distributor network

Industrial Ingredients market

Total number of sales force: 04

Market Coverage Status

Since we have been distributing both premium and popular products, we have good coverage in all categories outlets like A, B, C, D outlets all over Bangladesh.

Maximum outlets of food service market use our Best’s & Life Brand Ketchup, Sauce, Mayonnaise and other SKU.

Promotion and brand development capability

We have a highly skilled, experienced, and efficient team of promotion and brand development professionals. We practice 360-degree marketing communication to promote and establish a brand.

Our professional team is efficient and experienced both in offline (traditional) and digital marketing.

We utilize different digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Google ad network, Youtube etc.

We also utilize different offline (traditional) marketing platforms like satellite channel, daily newspaper, magazine, FM radio, direct mail etc.

We do branding and sponsor cooking show on different satellite channels and these cooking shows are very popular among the audiences of Bangladesh.

Please click our Youtube channel link ( to watch these cooking shows.